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Methylone is a new drug which has just entered the market. Mehthylone party pill is mostly used to gain euphoria state of mind and to boost one sexual desire and also their physical energy. This is mostly used by teenager to party in their house.

Methylone dosage for each use is still unclear since there are different reports on it. Some claim that when they are using it on 120 mg, they suffer a worrying increase in heart rate and blood pressure while some other said that 120mg didn’t have any effect on them and 300mg is the perfect dosage. The duration of this drug vary from 2 until 3.5 hours. BUY Methylone FOR SALE and have effects when you are using this drug are increasing heart rate and blood pressure, Panic attack, Hallucination, sweating and agitation. This drug could become a habit forming drug if it was used too much in such a short time. It’s better to avoid this drug until there are better reports about the dosage to avoid any unnecessary problem. Because this is a new drug, it is still safe to consume since there are still no drug test available to identify it. Although this drug alone is lethal enough to cause death although there are still no reported case yet.  It could become more lethal if you mix it with other substance such as alcohol or cocaine. When this substance is mixed with cocaine, it will greatly increase the burden in your heart. And if you mixed it with alcohol, it will amplify the effect of the drug and you are be in danger of excessive intoxification.


APVP or usually known as Alpha PVP is a kind of legal powder or some call it party pills which you could take if you want to achieve euphoria state of mind. It was developed in 1960s. This kind of drug consists of powerful stimulant or psychoactive substances which make it almost the same as cocaine but with weaker effect on the user. Some people are saying that this drug could make the user become addicted to it. But some other claim that they didn’t have the urge to consume more and it is safe to consume. This drug is available on white rock crystal form.

Uses and Effects

This drug can be consumed by blending it with other substances such as drink or you could directly consumed it by putting it under your tongue or inhaled it. The euphoria feeling will sets in slowly after 30 Minutes after consumption. 45 Minutes after consumption, you will feel a mild stimulation and drowsiness. All effects will last for about 3 hours. By using the insufflations method, some user experiences a euphoric feeling for longer times. It’s hard to determine the potency of this drug since the effects varies among user. Study believes that it was because of the history of the user that the same kind of drugs. If the user is experienced in using this kind of drug then the effect will take longer to kick in, while inexperienced user will take shorter time for the effect to kick in. The most important effect of this drug is it will greatly improve the creativity ability of the user. Other effects are the user will experience extreme happiness and a high level of energy.

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